chris teagle

Pastoral Assistant

Chris has grown up in ministry life and has served in lay and official roles since his twenties. He and his family moved from Northern California to Texas in 2016, and Chris worked as an interior car repair tech at The Master’s Touch. His family eventually found Northlake Bible Church in 2019. He became an XL Ministries Intern the following year and has enjoyed teaching and serving NBC while being trained for ministry. He came on full-time as a Pastoral Assistant in 2021 and has now been able to devote his time to the building up of the body of Christ in various ministries. He loves to go on dates with his wife Angie, play with his kids, compete in disc golf, and play the ukulele. He and Angie have 6 children – Joy, Tobias, Noelle, Jackson, Gracie, and Haddon.